Downloading a Review Copy of News Without the Mad Men

This book is available in the following formats: epub, .mobi, and PDF.

Here are the various ways that the book can be loaded onto a tablet or smartphone. You can also download it in PDF and read it or print it out. (The PDF is a conversion from epub.)

Epub with the iBooks app on an iPad or larger iPhone: Go to the following web address with a PC and download the epub file:
Or use this link. Then email it to yourself using an account you can access via your iPad. You can then click on the attachment of the epub file, which will go into the iBooks app.

PDF on a PC or large tablet reading directly on the Web: Using a web browser, go to the following address:
Or use this link Warning: The PDF was created by converting from EPUT and fpnt size is pretty small-you need a big screen.

PDF with the iBooks app on an iPad or larger iPhone: Using Safari on the device, go to the following address:
If you are on Safari now with the device, you can use this link You should be given the option of loading the PDF file into your iBooks app.

Download in epub or PDF and Upload to Google Play Books You need a tablet or smartphone that has the (free) app Google Play Books installed. Using a PC, download either the epub or the PDF version of the book, using one of the following addresses:
Or use the epub link or pdf link. Once the book is downloaded to your PC, upload it to Google Play Book by using the following address:

Download the .mobi version on a PC and Send it to Kindle You can send it to Kindle via email (every Kindle device has an email address). You can also install the Send to Kindle app on a Macintosh or use the Send to Kindle capability on a Windows PC. The Kindle does not have to be a Kindle device; it can be a Kindle app on an iPad/iPhone or Android device. You can use this .mobi link. Google "send to kindle" for info.
The .mobi version may underline links in the table of contents and have other strange behavior regarding links. If you buy a copy from Amazon it is likely to work better.